I interviewed 3 companies. One wouldn’t even take the job and the other was $3000 more. Edison came around for an initial consult and we identified ~36 trees to be removed. I asked for the contract and asked for some modifications to the contract and they happily obliged. I also asked for copies of their insurance coverage and they supplied them. I further questioned the information in the coverage documents and they had their insurance company call me for help clarify any concerns. Excellent customer service.


I expressed concern about the crane and how it would get behind the house through the sloping side yard so Edison came back to my place with his crane operator and they reviewed the site and were confident it would be possible. In the end they didn’t need to go around the house – the giant crane simply reached over the top (colonial with high roof).


The trees were a mix of oak, maple and pine. Many of the pines were 90ft and one was about 2 1/2 ft in diameter – so big tress are not a problem. The 4 man crew turned up as scheduled with a chipper and a 45ton crane. I requested all the hardwood be left as firewood and they stacked the appropriate trees in the side yard. They started at 8 the first day and around 7 the next day. It was as large job and took 2 days. They were very courteous and very safety oriented.


They cleaned up (leaving it cleaner than when they started) and at 7:30 on the third morning the logging truck quickly removed the bigger logs that could not be put through the chipper.


There were a few dents in the lawn where some of the trees were felled but they didn’t tear up any lawn at all. Given the size of the job I was really impressed with the work and the team. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Our back yard gets heaps more sun and our house isn’t threatened by giant pines. Thank you Maple Tree.

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